The aim and scope of the journal is to provide an academic medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of research results that support high level learning, teaching  and research in the field of engineering, computer science and technology.

The journal publishes original papers in the field of information technology and computer science which covers, but not limited to the following scope:


Agent Oriented Modelling and Development

Agents for Internet Computing

Ad hoc and Sensor Networks

Audit and information systems

Automobile Electric

B2B and B2C Applications

Banking governance and information systems

Banking, Electronic money and business model

Behavioral models of management information systems

BPM and IS integration

BPM and Workflow Management Systems

Bubbles detection with information systems

Business intelligence

Business Process Modelling, Analysis and Design

Business process reengineering and information systems

Business process support systems

Business Processes optimization

Case studies on Electronic Commerce

CASE Tools for System Development

CIMS and Manufacturing Systems

Communications Transmission

Control Systems and Applications

Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems

Coupling and Integrating Heterogeneous Data Sources

Customer Profitability measurement

Customer Relationship Management

Data Analysis, Prediction and Model Identification

Data and knowledge sharing

Data and ontology integration, merge, alignment, fusion

Data Filtering, Cleansing, and Summarization using ontologies

Data Fusion and Mining

Data mining techniques for enrichment of ontologies

Data mining techniques using ontologies

Data Warehouses

Database Security and Transaction Support

Decision Analysis

Decision Support Systems

Distributed Database Applications

Dynamic Systems Modelling

Earnings forecasts and data base analysis


E-Learning and e-Teaching

e-marketing and customer value

Empirical Software Engineering and Metrics

e-value based management

Executive information systems and management

Factory Modeling and Simulation

Fault Detection

Financial Data Mining

Formal Methods in Software Engineering

Fuzzy Systems Modeling, Analysis and Control

Geographical Information Systems Component-Based Development

Governance measurement with data bases information

High tech Banking and value creation

Hybrid Systems Modeling and Design

Impact of management information systems on corporate strategy

Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Information Engineering Methodologies

Instrumentation Systems

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Control

Intelligent Databases & Information Retrieval

Intelligent Information Systems

Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics

Intelligent Social Agents

Interactive and Multimedia Web Applications

Internet and Collaborative Computing

Interpretation and Validation of mined knowledge

Intranet and Extranet Business Applications

Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge discovery in databases

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Engineering

Knowledge/Expertise capture

Knowledge-based Systems Engineering

Management Information Systems

Management of Supply Chain and Logistics

Man-Machine Interaction

Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

Model Driven Development

Modeling and Simulation Techniques

Modelling Concepts and Information Integration Tools

Modelling Formalisms, Languages, and Notations

Multi-criteria Decision Making

Multimedia Database Applications

Natural Language Interfaces to Intelligent Systems

Network Communication

Network Implementation Choices

Network Security

Network-based Systems

New applications of value at risk in banking

Object Orientation in Internet and Distributed Computing

Object-Oriented Database Systems

Object-Oriented Modelling and Development

Ontologies and Semantic Annotations

Ontologies for Automated query and reporting systems

Ontologies for searching Document Databases

Ontologies for Semantic Interoperability

Ontologies for Semi-structured Data

Ontology elicitation from databases

Ontology-driven Information Systems

Optimization and Decision Making

Pattern Recognition

Process Automation

Process Design and Organisational Issues in e-Commerce

Process improvement tools

Public sector applications of e-Commerce

Qualitative and Approximate Reasoning

Requirements Analysis

Scheduling and Coordination

Semantic Web Technologies

Sensor Fusion

Services Management and data base analysis

Signal Detection and Parameter Estimation

Signal, Image and Video Processing

Signaling theory and management information systems

Software Architecture, Design and Frameworks

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software Quality

Software Verification, Validation and Inspection

Speech and Audio Processing

Strategic Decision Support Systems

Systems Engineering Methodologies

Systems Identification

Tools and Technologies for Business Process

Value chain analysis and value to customers

Volontary forecast disclosure analysis

Web Data Mining

Web Databases

Web Information Agents

Wireless Communications

XBRL applications in accounting and auditing

XML Technologies

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