Critical Analysis Into How Intel Misuses Its Monopoly Power To Continue Its Monopoly GripOn The Cpu Market By Breaking Antitrust Laws Or National And International Competition

Paramjit SinghManpreet Singh


Dimension-Based Generalization In object Relational Databases  using object  Cube Model

Dr. Surender Kumar


Digital image denoising in medical metacarpal images

Monika Pathak, Sukhdev Singh


Development   of   POS   Tagger   for   Punjabi Language

Kamaljeet K Batra


Cyber Crime: Impact On Society And Prevention

SukhmeeKaur, Ramneek Kaur


Emerging Technologies in the implementation of ERP

Dr.SarvjiSingh Bhatia, VikraGupta


Online Financial Transactions: its Growth and Development  in  Indian  Banking  System  –    A Statistical Report

Mukesh Kumar


Image  Thresholding  using  Improved  Bacterial Foraging   Optimisation   in   RGB   decomposed Planes

Bobbinpreet Kaur


Segmentation Of Different Rice Varieties Using Different Edge Detection Technique

Devinder Singh


Effect  Of  Web Based Instruction On Achievement In Chemistry In Relation To Attitude Towards Web Based Course

Dr. Anita Menon


ICT and Education : Creating Virtual Classroom

Neeraj Goyal, SumeeKumar


Computerised hospital management information system- Public and private sector

Dr. Amandeep  Kaur

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